First Go!


  I am starting my own blog! smile I was so excited! This post might not even get read but it's worth a shothehe 

This is gonna be a snippet of a Teen girl's life! I am kinda shy meeting new people I get worried in case they think I'm weird unsure Tell me I'm not the only one! Anyway this blog is anonymous! So I can be myself and not get judged smile 

  I love photography! And blogging is definitely a new hobby! I also love makeup, YouTube and my two doggies! And I forgot to say it's my BIRTHDAY! I am so grateful for all the people who said happy birthday! And my wonderful presents! I went shopping this afternoon and now I'm all snuggled up in my new dungarees (is that how you spell it?) isn't it weird how you judge people by their looks? Like someone wearing really dark colours you would think is an emo? Or someone wearing bright colours loves summer? Tbh I wear anything really! heart 


Tell me about yourself! I will update at least every three days! So make sure to look out! 




PS I might update tonight!