Staying Positive😊

Staying Positive is really easy for me as I am quite down to earth and I get over things quickly but for others It is a lot harder! So these are some tips...


1) Think about all the great things you have! And be thankful for them!

2) Spend time with family! And forget about it all!

3) Tell someone to relieve yourself of your problems

4) Start a blog, diary or journal which is kinda like No.3 but if you don't have anyone you can go to then start a blog! I recommend simple site which is what I am using! It is free!

5) Get yourself a treat! Just for fun and as a distraction! 

Did these help? Please let me know!





Surviving Teen Years❤️


 Being a teen sounds awesome but it comes with its downsides as most things do! Being a teen girl it means that all sorts of crazy things enter your life such as..



Growing up 

Looking Flawless all the time, (which I do NOT achievetonqueout)

Knowing what you want to do with your life,

Fall outs with Friends!


 This list HONESTLY goes on forever! No one is perfect! And when you have a break up with you're partner or with your friends it makes everything go down hill! So you are not the only one like this! We can face this together! Everyone has to grow up at some point in their lives! And no one is problem free! That is a garuntee (is that the right spelling) Oh My God I just realised it rimedwildHaha ah well! Write down your struggles below! And if you need more guidance go to my post 'Staying Positive😊' .




PS I am posting a lot more regularly than I said although it will vary on when I have spare time!


Tips on making friends and general advice😉

Hi Everyone!

 Now making friends isn't as hard as you think! There will be people just like you! Whether you are awkward, shy, girly, a tomboy an emo, Whatever! I am definitely girly, and sometimes kinda awkward but I have friends just like me! biggrin (Can anyone tell I LOVE these emoticons!) I am just gonna get on with giving you tips!


1) Hang out with different groups and see if they are like you and you can fully relax around them!

2) Don't be shy! Now I am SURE I am not the only shy girl on this planet! I'm not super chatty and don't know what to talk about with others! But give it a go! It actually isn't too hard!wow

3) If these don't work then do NOT worry they will come to you! You just haven't searched hard enough!hehe


 Boys! Oh My God! I have had enough of them already and I haven't even been in a relationship! They will make you cry as girls are more emotional than boys! It's a fact! But if they aren't willing to fight for you then don't fight for them! And don't go out with a boy yor friends and family don't approve of! It wont have a nice ending!


 Thanks for reading tonight's post!  



PS Will update every 1-2 days!