Hey everyone!

 How has your monday been? (mine has been boring as usualblush)

You're probably all wondering why there is a picture of a girl -->

 Well that is because I wore this hairstyle to school today (kinda just I wore space buns instead) and I was kinda suprised at how many people said 'what is that in your hair?' 'why are you wearing that?' and 'are you a cowboy?' so I sarcastically told them that i would wear what I and I don't care about their opinion. My friend (let's call her Helga) said that I should write a blog post on this! hehe(only she knows about my blog) I thought 'Yeah!'biggrin that is a great idea because not long ago if someone said they didn't like what I wore I would take it out because I felt self concious, and that's not OK! I thought to myself that I'm too similar from everyone else because I get worried that they don't like what I weartonqueout. Also one of my friends (I'm still coming up with a code name for her) is really unique, not in a bad way but she stands out and I decided to do that too!wild From now on everyone here at 'GirlForADay' is gonna be themselves! So don't be afraid to be yourself, just raise your head high and continue on your journey!




PS- There'll still be a post on the 26th (I hope!confused) So look out!

Changing things Up A Tad...

Hey Everyone!

 We've nearly hit 150! biggrinbiggrin I am just in such a good mood..I went to an Olly Murs concert and it was SO much fun I really recommend his shows because he is such a cheerful guy and he made it lots of fun!! Anyways..

 I want to change things up around here..such as..

1) Make my blog a place to reveiw and recommend things I like occasionally <>

2) Maybe use a different webpage/site (only if you guys want)

3) Have a few friends on heresad

4) Make these post more personal? (it will still be anonymous!)

 Vote down below or on my instagram page! @girlforaday